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E7 Art & Framing

By appointment 9am - 8pm. 7 days

E7 is an award winning Worcestershire based picture framing and artwork supply business.

I am Edward Dudfield G.C.F.

1972 local born n bred, with an an equal passion for both my craft and the local area i`ve grown up in.


From traditional & contemporary picture framing and mirrors to art and prints (by order) - whether needlework to pastels, photography, 3D objects to valuable works of art for museum framing.


Whether you are a private or trade client E7 Art and Framing deals daily with art galleries, art dealers, artists, interior designers, photographers, needleworkers and the public.


E7 works closely on a daily basis with galleries & artists along with various photographers, fine art publishers + private clients, making E7 a business gaining national recognition & international enquires, with work distributed all over the world.



A quote from Wes Strange (of Codemasters Software Co.Ltd) on work for presentation to Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.



"Hi Edward,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the great

work on the F1 2010 plaques. I was obviously nervous

using a new supplier and having such tight lead-times

for a very prestigious job but everyone here agrees, you

have more than surpassed expectations!

The framing, mounting, engraving and glass all look

amazing, we couldnt be happier. I dont think this will

look out of place on Mr Ecclestones wall!"


     Many Thanks


Featured Works & Awards

2013 - Present  

  •   Working for both the trade and private    clients.                                           



  • Endorsed as an offcial craftsman to      the National Trust.



  • Work for Codemasters was presented to Formula 1 boss Bernie Eccleston.



  • Award Winner 'Mount Design' (Fine Art Trade Guild Awards - Midlands region)

  • 2nd place (Fine Art Trade Guild Awards - West & East Midlands Region)



  • Award Winner (Creative Business Award - Evesham)

  • 2nd place (Fine Art Trade Guild Awards -West Midland Region)

  • 3rd place (Picture Business Award, held at NEC Birmingham)

Previous Clients include...

Desmond Morris

-The world famous zoologist / ethnologist & surrealist painter.

Olwen Tarrant F.R.O.l (painter & sculptor)

5 year president of the Royal Institue of Oil Painters.



Scenario of a Framing Request

Client requires a black frame, not to sure what size?

With a current stock of 150 black options alone, E7 will cover not only the determined size requirements, but also the profile, finish & cost.

From the finest 23 caret gold leaf hand finished frames, or stunning Swedish contemporary silvers to the most reasonable far eastern imports.

Frames can also be hand finished in 100'S of colours & shades using high pigmented paints

Framing with choice, not compromise!


Conservation mount board is my standard requirement. It won't cost you anymore.


Your artwork is to be Framed to last!

Each year I receive a number of original watercolours for re-framing -1/4 inch / 7mm acidic bleed is quite common

(a typical example of this comes in the appearance of a darkening mid brown shading where the mount sits against the image).


The importance of using the correct product is essential to prevent acid migration.




2mm float -the normal standard glazing found on most pictures.

3mm float -for large pieces (but does add increasing weight!).

2mm Diffused -termed as non-reflective by most, this is seen in the trade as misleading. -good reflection control in areas of low light & very easy to clean!


2mm Styrene  -common properties to Perspex, the product is an inexpensive acrylic way of glazing for safety, but this product, as Perspex SCRATCRES on touch (great though for viewing reverse of a double sided document or map for framing).

3mm Artshield- a lightweight acrylic alternative to glass, giving added piece of mind against the dangers of breakage (whilst care needs to be taken this product most certainly does not scratch in the way of Styrene or Perspex).


link: full details >>


  • Anti -Reflective -optically coated, this glass unlike float glass has Virtually NO irritating surface reflections -you see only the picture, and not your own mirror image.

  • Now with UV blocking properties.

  • With it's outstanding light transmission your picture has sharp image reproduction Total clarity. (my personal favourite!).

  • UV Filter -Ultra violet light filtering glass designed to protect both colour pigments & paper from the damages caused by exposure to uv light.

    NOTE -pictures of either value or sentiment should not be hung in sunlit positions or areas of halogen & florescent light!


  • Museum -Highest quality, as the name states -used by museums. Optimum reflection control & UV protection combined.

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